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Spinshot Player Ball Machine Review 2021. (The Best choice.)

Hello, my active tennis friend! Do you want to take your tennis skills to the next level? And surprise merrily your tennis team with those incredible tennis skills? If your answer is yes, I tell you how.

So you have to read this post. The right answer on how to go forward with your tennis is with Spinshot Player Ball Machine. It is the best seller tennis ball machine in 2021.

In this post, I am going to give you a review of this incredible ball machine. I will tell you why to use it and how to use it.

Your tennis skills will definitely go to get to the next level with this unbelievable tennis machine. It only depends on you how often or long you train with this incredible machine.

I strongly recommend to read this post through to the end and you will learn more about this tennis machine and how to improve your skills in tennis in a comfortable and effective way.

Practicing with tennis ball machines are a modern way to improve your skills. Your tennis partner doesn’t always have time at the same time when you have. So this smart tennis ball machine is always ready to go!

What is Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

This tennis ball machine has so many different functions. You will have many interesting ways to train with it. This machine is with phone remote supported. It is worth to take your time to study to use it.

It is very durable and easily portable. Its high-quality metal cover increases its overall strength. I love the color, green is my favourite color 😉


Dimensions: Height 50 x Length 50 x Width 35″

Weight:         41,8 pounds, 19 kg

Ball Speed:   30-110 mph

Ball Capacity: 120

Ball Feed Rate: 2-10 seconds

Phone compatibility: iPhone or Android, connection via Wi-fi,
also, Apple Watch supported

How does Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine work?

It is easy to learn to program it with your own mobile. You download a specific application and start to use your new ball machine. Of course, you have to study how it works first, but I am sure you will learn it quite easily. So, then you are able to enjoy to practice versatile tennis.

You can program so many different trainings.

This unique tennis ball machine has alternatively A/C or battery features. You can choose what to use and which is available in the court that you are. That feature is included in the cost of the machine.

This offers you a lot of spins and many kinds of shots.

You can program it in many ways. There are so many options which you can use:

  • shots height (50)
  • ball feed interval (2-10 sec)
  • ball spin (18)
  • ball speed (20)
  • horizontal angle of shots (20)

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine Pricing

Best Price: in Amazon

I highly recommend clicking that picture above about the pricing of Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine.

See the price also here.



  • The application for your phone is free. It is not self-evidence.
  • It offers vertical and horizontal oscillations.
  • Weight only 19 kg, so it is easily portable.
  • The only tennis ball machine, which is not made of plastic.
  • The capacity of 120 tennis balls.
  • In the cost of the machine, both the AC and battery features are included.
  • The color: green! It is my favourite color 😉


  • You may have difficulty in starting to use the machine for the first time. There is a user-manual included, although.
  • It has only phone operated remote control via application.


Spinshot Player surely belongs to the best choices available.

If you want you can also find out, that is this ball machine available in your tennis hall. In my hall there is on, but not this machine.

What to do next to improve your tennis skills

You can take a view of the link I made for you on this post and get to know this machine even better in Amazon.

I highly recommend thinking about using a tennis ball machine in your practice. You surely are not in the same level after that.

To get better tennis skills you need repetitions and the machine don’t get lazy 🙂

Leave your own comment or question below and you can tell your experience or thoughts about tennis ball machine.

Let’s have fun!



Updated in the second of January 2021.

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