10 Best Gifts for a Tennis Player

Have you ever thought about what would you give as a present to your tennis lover friend? Now I am telling you the 10 Best Gifts for a Tennis Player to choose from.

The opportunities to give a present are almost every day. The special days are for example at the Birthday, the Name day, Christmas, New Year or just at the beginning of the new tennis season in the spring.

1. Tennis Racket

Wilson Pro Staff Roger Federer 97L Tuxedo Tennis Racquet. Roger Federer uses great rackets. This racket gives you great enjoyment to play tennis. The color is elegant black and white.

It is awesome to get a quality tennis racket as a present. Reviews says that this is awesome, great product. He or she will use your new present!

See the price here.

2. Tennis backpack

You have to pack your tennis staff: balls, racket, water bottle, towel, energy bar, etc. somewhere to carry them to your tennis court. Maybe the plastic bag is not the smartest one for this use.

Your back will love this tennis backpack. It is comfortable to carry your tennis equipment on your back.

I am planning to buy this backpack for me myself if I don’t get this as a present. Great looking HEAD’s quality in many colors. HEAD Unisex’s Elite Backpack Tennis Back.

This bag will carry two tennis rackets and your other equipment to your tennis court. Still, this is affordable choice to give as a practical and useful present for your tennis lover.

See the price here.

3. Tennis Bag

There are also many beautiful and useful tennis bags if you don’t want to give a backpack. Wilson Super Tour Tennis Bag Series is a reasonable choice.

You even can put this bag to your back like a pack bag, but you can also carry this like an ordinary bag. You can put in it, for example, your shoes and even 6 rackets!
See the price here.

4. Tennis Socks

A little, cute and practical present for a tennis player is socks. Here I give a lovely and so sweet tennis socks idea for women: K. Bell Socks women’s Novelty Fashion Athletic Quarter Socks.

Machine washable, colorful, low cut socks look and they feel perfect. You got also sweet feelings to give these and receive. Happy game is guaranteed 😉

See the price here.

5. Tennis Balls

You also need new tennis balls when you want to play an exact game. If you have a competition, it is good that your balls are similar. If some ball jump higher than another, it gives bonus tension to your game.

A great little gift is tennis balls for your tennis partner. The game is more enjoyable with similar balls.

One great choice to buy is Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball Prior Generation. These give you premium performance for a tournament.

There are 3 balls in a can. So if you want, buy 2 cans to give.

See the price here.

6. Hit Happy Tennis WristBands

There are two important reasons why to use wristbands. Your game is more comfortable with wristbands.

You can say these tips if you want to give your tennis mate or a tennis lover this gift. You don’t have a towel in the court when you are playing, but your hands are always near you 😉

So it is so easy

1) to wipe away your sweat from your forehead with your wrist band.


2) prevent sweat from flowing to the palms of the hand.

See the price here.

7. Hit Happy Tennis Visor for women and men

This Hit Happy Tennis Visor for women and men is a little happy gift for sunny games. Pink is perfect for women and blue for men.

They will love this! The sun doesn’t disturb your games with this lovely visor. Let the sunshine last long 🙂

See the price here.

8. Crystal Tennis Necklace

This amazing Violet Victoria & Fan Star Jewelry Tennis Necklace is in many colors: black, green, hot pink, maroon, orange, orange/blue, purple, royal blue, yellow, or yellow ball. In this necklace, there are two rackets with brilliant crystals in handles and ball.

This is a super gift for you or your tennis lover in your life. This can be used during the game or even every day to show how much you love the tennis game. The necklace was designed by Violet Viktoria.

See the price here.

9. Play Tennis Sweatshirt Hoodie

This sweatshirt is so great for a tennis player. You don’t buy this for yourself so easily, but it is nice to get this as a present.

It is like an attitude shirt. When you see this shirt on somebody, you notice straight away that he or she loves tennis. Then you have a common language with tennis 😉

See the price here.

Last, but not least:

10. The Complete Tennis Course

Take your and your friend’s tennis skills to the next level with this present.

Have you thought that you would like to learn more to play tennis? Or you just want to take your next level in this game? And you maybe won’t have time to go to a court for a public tennis course at an exact time?

The video tennis course is just for you and this is an incredible gift to your tennis friend, too. You can train tennis together with your gift.

You both have fun with this gift. It would give you skills and a great, educational time together.

In this course, you have a great number of opportunities. You can watch this free for a month, or buy one episode or a whole season or other options.

See the price here.

Give the present and give a smile with it – you will get that back 😉

These are my suggestions for a great present for your tennis mate. I would love to hear your comments about these or your own suggestions for a lovely, great tennis present. Please, tell me what it would be like?

Have an awesome and sunny tennis year 2021.

You are a great tennis player!

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This post is updated on the 7th of January 2021.

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