What Are the Rules of Tennis

  Hi, my tennis friend. So nice that you are here to learn the basic rules of tennis. You can play singles = two players or doubles = four players. In this post, I concentrate on singles games. I tell you the most important rules for two players. You can start to play tennis with […]

How to Improve Your Tennis Playing, 3 tips.

  It is so fun and energetic to play tennis, but sometimes you feel you need to improve your skills in playing. These three tips to improve your tennis skills contain wealthy (your arms don’t get hurt after playing ), dexterity and moving skills.   1. Relaxedness First, it is very important to keep your […]

The Best Tennis Ball Machines [4 Easy Choices to Choose]

Hello my tennis friend. Nice that you are here to learn about tennis ball machines. Do you sometimes want to go to play tennis but you don’t have a friend to play? Or do you want to train alone to be better tennis player when you play together? You can probably surprise your tennis company […]

Best Tennis Balls for Beginners 2019 [Easy Choise]

Have you ever played tennis and noticed that the balls are different? You can’t forecast where or how to hit the ball, because the balls, which you are playing with, acts differently. As a beginner player balls may look similar to you, but you will notice that it is hard to play a fluent playing […]

Tips Why and How to Play Tennis [8 Easy Reasons]

The summer has begun – It is time to play tennis. Thank you for visiting my yourtennisteam site. You can play tennis even from 3 to 103 years old. Now I tell you Tips Why and How to Play Tennis [8 Easy Reasons]. I think the sky is the only limit, but I want to […]

5 Best Treatments to the Tennis Elbow

Hi there my tennis fellow. I hope you don’t need this post for you. I hope your hands, elbows and feet are so fine, that you don’t have to think what to do to get them better. But in the case that you or somebody in your tennis team will get tennis elbow, I wrote […]

5 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners in 2019 [Easy Choice]

Hello, fellow tennis players. Thanks for stopping by my site. Here you can read about the best choice for your tennis hobby to invest in a new suitable racket, that I suggest to you. 5 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners in 2019. Of course you can use these rackets when you have got better skills, […]

About Eija

Hi everyone and welcome to my yourtennisteam website. I am Eija, a christian woman, from snowy and beautiful Finland, the land of thousands of lakes. In the picture I play tennis in Teneriffe, Canary Islands. A little story of my tennis life Tennis came to my life when I was already an adult. I have […]