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What Are the Rules of Tennis


Hi, my tennis friend. So nice that you are here to learn the basic rules of tennis. You can play singles = two players or doubles = four players. In this post, I concentrate on singles games.

I tell you the most important rules for two players. You can start to play tennis with this advice. Every game is more fruitful when you know the rules of the game.

Tennis is such an interesting game and also fun to play. In the beginning, when you start to learn to play tennis it can be a little frustrating first. If you still practice and practice, your eye-hand -coordination gets better and better and it is more enjoyable to play tennis.

1. What to learn first in the rules of tennis?

The basic rule is that if the ball goes outside of bounds, you lose the points. You must stand in the right area in opposite bounds with your ball.

Players are not allowed to touch the net. Players cannot carry the ball during the game, either. You are not allowed to hit the ball twice in your turn.


2. How to count the numbers in tennis.

The second important thing in tennis rules is to learn how to count the numbers if you want to play the “real game”. Of course, you can play tennis if you can’t know the rules of how to get your points, but it will come more interesting to play when you know it.

The points are Love(0)-15-30-40game.

In the other words the points of tennis are:

0 = love or zero

1 = 15

2 = 30

3= 40

You have to get 4 times to win. You win, when you get 2 points advantage. If you have a situation where the score is 40 – 40, this is known as deuce. When a game is a deuce, you have to win by two clear points. Then you are a winner of that game.

One set consists of 6 games.


3. Where to start?

You have to hit the service ball to the opposite service box. If you miss the hit, you have another chance. If your ball hits a little bit the upper side of the net when it is flying to the other side, you get a second chance as a gift. Then you have still two tries left.

Your position to serve is outside your court area, behind the baseline. You always hit the opposite service box on the other side of the net.

The aim is to hit so that your opponent can’t catch the ball. So you get the point.


What next?

Thank you for your time and for reading my advice on tennis rules. Take action now. Just start to play and enjoy the feeling of sport and social life in the tennis court.

You can learn more about tennis by attending a tennis course near you or in the internet. There are so many interesting and educational courses.

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All the best to you and your tennis team!

Please, leave me a comment below, if you have something to ask or to add.

I appreciate your time and comments a lot.




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  1. Emlin says:

    Thank you so much for the teaching! I’ve learned something new (some details) about tennis.

  2. Eija says:

    Thanks, Emlin,

    I appreciate your visiting my website a lot. And your nice comment. I am glad you liked my tennis tips.

    Let’s play and enjoy it.

    Have an awesome tennis winter.



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