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5 Best Nutrition Tip for a Tennis Player in 2021

I give here 5 best nutrition tips in 2021 for you as a tennis player. I go through the basics in this blog.


The Danes have made a 25 years long research, that tennis players live 10 years longer, than the people that don’t do the sports. I am sure the right tennis player’s nutrition, social aspects and moving in the fresh air are points that impact to your health positively.

The other sports were badminton 6,2 years, football 4,7 years and cycling 3,7 years longer life than average people, who doesn’t exercise anything.


The big basic rule is that you eat fresh food and try avoid processed food, when you have a whole meal, if it is possible.

1) In the Morning

The day starts in the morning. The breakfast is very important in the morning for you too, as a tennis player.

The great start to the new day after enough rest is the breakfast that includes: oatmeal, fruits, bread, little amount of eggs, milk and Greek yogurt.

If you don’t have enough time to make your breakfast, you can sometimes replace it for example Herbalife – milkshake. You can mix berries or fruits in it. So delicious and nutritious.

My favourite Nutritional shake mix taste is summer berries flavor. You can also add Herbalife Protein drink mix to your shake. It gives you protein supplement.

2) Before Your Tennis Game

Before tennis match you should eat a meal 3-4 hours before you start your game. Protein in for example chicken and sweet potatoes and salad.

Eat carbs (fruits and nuts or snack) 15-60 minutes before your tennis game. If you want, you can eat Herbalife protein bar now. My favourite tastes from Herbalife protein bars are with vanilla and almond flavor.

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3) During Your Tennis Game

During the game remember hydration. Enjoy much water. If your game lasts more than two hours: Banana is great snack during it. It includes vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, fiber and carbs. Banana is so easy to carry to the court in its own packaging.

You can also eat beans, cashew or other nuts. They are easy to carry to the tennis court.

4) After Your Tennis Game

After your tennis game(s) it is good to eat in less than 30 minutes for example snack with protein and carbs. And in two hours enjoy a whole meal, that includes carbs, protein and right kind of fat.

Eat for example chicken or tofu meal with vegetables, milk and whole grain bread. As your dessert you can enjoy for example: oranges, other fruits or blueberries.

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5) Last, But Not Least: in the Evening

In the evening eat healthy evening snack. Not so much food with full of vitamins. I some evening ate a lot of raspberries. They were so juicy and fresh. But then I didn’t got sleep. Too much vitamins in the evening expel the sweet dreams. For example oat porridge, chamomile tea, nuts and banana gives you good rest.

Keep going and eating well

Hey, let’s start taking these tips to practice and take big action in your daily nutrition. Your body will thank you for years and you are able to live long and fresh life with your healthy body.

Keep regular timetable in your eating. You can plan it also taking consideration your tennis games with these tips. Every day, you should enjoy fruits, vegetables and berries. They give you vitamins to keep you fit and healthy these days.

Sports are important with right nutrition to you to be well and feel well. I wish you an awesome, healthy life with tennis 🙂

I would love to hear your nutrition tips for tennis players in the comments. Or what ever you want to comment and ask. Please be free for that.

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