The Tennis Hobby to Your Child

Why Tennis to Your Child?

You are thinking is tennis good to my child. Of course. There are myriads of as well physical as psychological benefits to your child with tennis. I can mention a few and there are many more.

  1. Your child will get better motor of eye-hand co-ordination as moving in tennis court with racket and balls. Also, they control better their bodies.
  2. Tennis encourages he/she in socialization. Your child get new sporty friends.
  3. Tennis develops suitable musculature in moving. Not too much to a child.
  4. Your child gets more capacity for attention. The important skills to listen and follow the instructions. That skill will help your child in every area of his/her life.
  5. The last, but not the least benefit is, that he/she gets a good sleep at night after this sporty hobby usually outside in the fresh air and moving properly.

He/She will love it.

In What Age to Start?

They say, that the age of 4 is proper. You can train your child first by playing. Don’t take it too serious.

First you can go together to a tennis court for just throw balls to each other with laughs. It is fun to exercise together. Remember to drink water and wear light tennis clothes.

It is a process to learn tennis or any skills. The main thing with your child is, at first, that it feels good and you both enjoy it.

The tennis classes should be more like game, not training. Feeling after tennis is like you did relax sport with your child. He/She should also feel the same.

How to Begin?

Although you can do some of these practices outside the court, it is good that you borrow a tennis court for this. The court will come more familiar to your child and it is easy to go and practice there. Afterwards the games are in a known place for your child.

Training tips

  1. Bounce the ball with hand
  2. Run the lines in the court -> you both get good condition. You need that in tennis.
  3. Bounce the ball with your racket. It is a little hard at the first time to your child, but he/she gets used to it.
  4. Bouncing is also fun with a koosh ball. There are bigger koosh balls and smaller ones. This practicing you have to make upwards. Koosh ball doesn’t jump so high, so it is easier to start. I left the link to order one to your child under this post.
  5. You can throw tennis balls to your child, so he/she tries to hit it. Many times in a row. It is easier, when you have several balls.
  6. Try to bounce balls to each other over the net.

Bigger koosh balls price here.

Smaller koosh balls price here.

The most important point is that this is fun to your child. Give encourage and laugh together.

child pick up tennis ball

How to Find Tennis Mates to Your Child?

You find tennis mates to you and your child in the tennis clubs of your home town. You can for example borrow a court to you and your child and ask at the same time for tennis courses to a child.

You get to know your local tennis enthusiastic in tennis courses and get new friends to you and your child.

You can also call to your hometown sport center and ask there. I am sure they know how to get tennis courses and where are the local tennis games.

What to Invest?

In minimum, you have to get light sport clothes to your child. For example shorts and t-shirt. And for a girl an awesome shirt and skirt. Here you can see the price.

The cap or other hat or scarf is also important. The sun shines brightly and you have to protect the head of your child.

There are many kinds of tennis balls. You can use your own balls or buy first softballs, that fits to a child.

Your child can borrow your tennis racket, but it is easier for him/her to use smaller, a racket for children.

The price of a good tennis racket for your child is here.

Here is interesting and fun tennis racket set to you and your child. They can easily and comfortable practice also together with this lovely tennis set.

See the price here.

You can invest to a children tennis course. It will “pay itself back”.

Keep Going Alone and With Your Child together.

How long you will keep going with tennis with your child. So long that it is necessary and both are happy. If you have an aim to get world champion, so you continue until that happens 😉

If your target is only to stay or got good fit for your child, you can change the hobby, if your child doesn’t want to continue.

I can say that this will give you a lovely and exciting way to do the sports together meaningful doing and playing with each other.

What do you think? Give me some feedback, your own ideas and what of these tips helped you? I would love to hear below this post.


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