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5 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners in 2021 [Easy Choice]


Hello, you fellow tennis players. Thanks for stopping by my site. Here you can read about the best choice for your tennis hobby to invest in a new suitable racket, that I suggest to you. 5 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners in 2021. Of course you can use these rackets when you have got better skills, also, but these are specially very comfortable to start with. I am sure your hunger to play tennis increases with these incredible rackets. I love playing tennis especially in summer time and with suitable racket. Let’s dig in.

It does matter which racket you choose. The suitable racket gives more joy to your hobby. These all have very comfort and energetic feeling to play.

1. HEAD Ti S6 Titanium

This racket is so useful and perfect to beginners, that it is a joy to play at the first hit.

It is a mixture of titanium and graphite.

Weight is extremely light, so it is good for your elbow and shoulders.


2. Babolat Pure Drive 2021

This is a great choice for you who are learning the game. For beginners, this gives the most benefits.

This racket has a perfect combination of power, speed and spin. It gives you comfort from the string bed and useful great power, which causes your game more speed.

This gives you a good ball contact with the generous hitting area.


Wilson is one of the best tennis equipment brand. That’s why next I recommend you three of Wilson tennis rackets for beginners:

3. Wilson Burn 100S

The spin pattern of this tennis racket increases spin potential and creative control.

You get exploding power with this. It still doesn’t include too much mass.

On every swing, the technology of this racket maximizes your energy.

4. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

This racket gives you more power. The lightness and large sweet spot is comfortable for beginners.

Although stiffness may feel challenging in this racket. It has a timeless design.

Somebody in the review said that he had before shoulder problems but with this very lightweight racket the pain didn’t experience. The other one in the review said that he has many of these rackets.

5. Wilson Federer Control 103 Tennis Racquet

The power, forgiveness and stability of this racket are suitable for beginners.

Greater forgiveness is allowed by a wide sweet spot.
Material type is aluminum.


I am sure you get one of these rackets to suit you. I could use any of these to get comfortable tennis game. My personal suggestion is still the Head’s racket because I play nowadays with Head’s racket and I love it.
Of course, you can start with other rackets, too. Don’t let the racket be the prerequisite

I wish you so awesome tennis year 2021. Let the sunshine and see each other in a tennis court with sunny sweat and a big smile.

Please leave your comment, if you have some question or want to say something about this. I am so interested in what is your favorite tennis racket, also.

This post is updated on 9. December 2020

2 thoughts on “5 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners in 2021 [Easy Choice]”

  1. Harri Eräjoki says:

    Thanks information tennis rackets. I have played tennis many years and would like to change racket next level from beguinner. Have you got any suggestion racket type. I play mostly back in the field, sometimes want to end game quickly from net. I serve usually fred with a thread. I like to play on the media field. I thank you, if you can any help me. Thanks Harri

  2. Eija says:

    Hello Harri, thanks for your nice comment. Yes, tennis is a great game to play and enjoy life.

    I recommend for example this HEAD tennis racket above or one of those Wilson’s rackets.

    I have HEAD’s racket and love to play with it.

    Let’s play a lot. Summer is coming.

    All the best tennis games to you with a new racket!


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