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5 Best Treatments to the Tennis Elbow


Hi there my tennis fellow. I hope you don’t need this post for you. I hope your hands, elbows and feet are so fine, that you don’t have to think what to do to get them better. But in the case that you or somebody in your tennis team will get tennis elbow, I wrote this post.

In this post I tell you what is tennis elbow, how to avoid it and how to treat it if you have it. In tennis elbow the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender.

5 treatment tips for you or somebody in your tennis team to release the pain with tennis elbow:

1. Play tennis appropriately

The best way to avoid tennis elbow is to try to play tennis not too much. Play only when it feels good to your elbow and do other sports, too. For example, you can cycle to your tennis court, like I do in the summer. I am so lucky/blessed that my tennis court is about two kilometers from my home. You can for example swim after tennis, like I sometimes do. I go to Oulujoki beach after two hours tennis playing. The swimming will give me rest after sweating with tennis. At the same time my body can relax.

2. The suitable racket

The professional way to avoid tennis elbow is to have perfectly a suitable tennis racket. I have the article 5 best tennis rackets to beginners. There are many so light rackets, that don’t stress your elbow. You can check my post about new rackets, please.

3. Warm up, stretching and rest

You can do exercise to your elbow, wrist, arms. The good moves will help to relax your hands over all after game. Of course, it is very important to stretch and warm your body before tennis, too. I sometimes know your tennis team or yourself are so excited to get started your tennis game, so you maybe forget the stretching. If you already have a little tennis elbow pains, the right stretch moves or just rest are so important. You should do them carefully, so you don’t get hurt even more.

4. The physiotherapist

You can reserve appointment with the physiotherapist, when you feel your elbow is hurting so much. The professional physiotherapist gives you the most useful moves to get healed. The physiotherapist can recommend to you also for example some kind of wrist pad for your elbow. So you can avoid the tennis elbow by using the support to your elbow.

5. The doctor

If your elbow is still going to hurt, you must stop playing tennis and get to the doctor. He/She gives you the best professional advice to your individual injury.


Play tennis only when it feels good to you. Listen to your body, what it “talks” to you. If you have challenge with your elbows, please use some kind of pads to support them. Remember suitable rackets, stretching and enough rest, even though tennis is so fun you love to do it a lot. If needed, seek help from professionals: physiotherapists and doctors, if the pain doesn’t go away.

So let’s keep on playing tennis with your tennis team. I wish you so much sunny days to the tennis court!

2 thoughts on “5 Best Treatments to the Tennis Elbow”

  1. Harri Eräjoki says:

    Hi Eija,
    I thank your advice tennis elbow. I have played many years tennis and your adwice helps to get body working better before and after playing tennis.
    Swimming is good relaxing way after tennis and sauna with 70 degree warm is relaxing and healthy both sould and body.
    One tennis fun player Harri.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Harri,

      Thanks for your comment! Very nice to hear that you liked my post and it was helpful.

      I also love the sauna. Yes, when you take care of your body, it gives you more fun to play tennis with pleasure.

      Let’s take care and play with the sunshine!

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