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The Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2021 [4 Easy Choices to Choose]

Hello my tennis friend. Nice that you are here to learn about tennis ball machines. Do you sometimes want to go to play tennis but you don’t have a friend to play? Or do you want to train alone to be better tennis player when you play together?

You can probably surprise your tennis company with your new growing skills after training with these machines. Here are The Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2021 [4 Easy Choices to Choose].

1. Silent Partner


  • Edge Lite and Lite-R
  • Edge Star
  • Scoop Series – Smart

The prices are from $799 to $2299

Silent Partner has a huge capacity for balls. In it fits 100 tennis balls. You can control for example speed, spin, feed or high. Also, which way the ball comes, from left or right. The machine is truly portable. Also, because it is lightweight and compact, it is so easy to move for example from your storage to the tennis court.

2. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine


This is the best seller ball machine in the world! This is limitless tennis ball machine. It makes you ready to the competition.

You can use an easy mobile app for Android and iPhone with this machine. Here are settings for speed, spin, direction high and feed rate. The programming takes some time, but it really is worth it.

You can program the machine to make your own drills. The machine gives you 10 seconds time to put your phone to your pocket before it throws the balls one by one.

The easiest way to buy this Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is in Amazon.

See the price here.

3. Lobster Sports Elite


There are six kinds of Lobster Sports Elite tennis ball machines:

  • Lobster Sports Elite one
  • Lobster Sports Elite two
  • Lobster Sports Elite three
  • Lobster Sports Elite liberty
  • Lobster Sports Elite freedom
  • Lobster Sports Elite a/c

The prices are from $839 to $1699

You can rapidly improve your tennis skills with these easy-to-use, high quality and programmable machines. These Lobster machines have also easy-to-use handle to move the machine lightly. I like Lobster’s colors and shape.
You can buy your Lobster Sports Elite Grand four battery powered tennis ball machine easily here in Amazon.

4. Spinfire Pro 2


The price is $2390-$3195

This design is different from a traditional tennis ball machine. There are solid wheels and a practical easy-to-use handle. A remote control includes in package. This is the most multifaceted tennis ball machine in the market. The Spinfire Pro 2 offers random hitting, too.

I saw this Spinfire tennis ball machine today in November 2019 in my tennis arena, Nallisport, Oulu, in northern Finland. I recommend trying this.


What next?

So, you can see, there are many great tennis ball machines choices, which help your practicing and give you new skills without tennis partner. You can surprise your tennis team with awesome new skills.

Your new tennis world opens with these great tennis ball machines. First you have to study the instructions carefully, then you will get a full potential to practicing your game.

You can start by checking out which machines are available near you in sport stores and tennis clubs and of course the choices grows in internet. You can buy one of these for yourself or you can ask in your nearest tennis club for rent that kind of tennis ball machine for you to practice.

My recommendation of these is number 2. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine. It is the Bestseller Ball Machine in the World.

Your game skills will definitely grow easily by repeating your hits. I am sure you fall in love with tennis in a new level by practicing with these.

If you have some questions or experiences with tennis ball machines, please leave your comment below. I would love to hear your comments.

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