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Best Tennis Balls for Beginners 2021 [Easy Choise]

Have you ever played tennis and noticed that the balls are different? You can’t forecast where or how to hit the ball, because the balls, which you are playing with, acts differently.

As a beginner player balls may look similar to you, but you will notice that it is hard to play a fluent playing when balls are different. The balls are really different and the surfaces of the court are different, too. Those all matters. That’s why I created this post about The Best Tennis Balls for Beginners 2021 [Easy Choice] to you.

It is easier and more fun to play when the balls are similar and suitable for you in tennis game. Of course, it is so even if you are more experienced player, too.

When your all tennis balls are similar, it is more fun to play, too. Also, the competition is more enjoyable when your tennis balls have the same quality. What balls then are the best ones and how to choose? I am going to tell you that in this post. I show you the best balls for beginners. In the last sentence I tell you the conclusion about the balls. These are my picks for you.


1. Wilson Starter Tennis Balls


These colorful balls suit ideally for practicing the game for starters and they are also used for kids. They are red and yellow and sold in 36 balls package. They feature lower compression for controlled bounce.

Price here.

2. Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls

These balls are regulation size and without pressure. They never lose their bounce. There are 18 quality balls in the bag for practicing and playing tennis. You can buy these tennis balls in this tennis carry bag easily from amazon.

Price here.

3. Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

These balls can be used in all courts. It is suitable in practices and matches. Dura-Weave Felt bounce consistently so it is pleasure to play with it.

Price here.

4. Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls

This is an ideal tennis ball for beginner. This ball has lasting durability. I am sure it is a great joy to play with this high quality and consistent ball with your tennis team.

You get 12 ball Polyback.

Price here.

5. Head Team Tennis Balls


This tennis ball is for adult training and beginners. HEAD is a quality brand in tennis. You can trust to this quality. This is ideal ball for you who are practicing or just starting a new hobby in tennis.

This ball suits in all round performance and is a durable pressurized tennis ball. This is ideal for coaching also and suits for all court surfaces.

You get these HEAD tennis balls 12 in this package. You will get 3 tubes of 4. Great deal 😉

Price here.


Here I told you about tennis balls for beginners. Of course if you want you can to use the most favorite tennis balls, too. For example if you play with a Wilson racket you can choose Wilson Championship Regular Duty tennis balls, which are the third here in my Beginners Tennis Balls post otherwise. I still recommend that all your tennis balls are equal between each other.

You can choose, compare the prices and buy what feels best for you, for example the first I introduced in this post: Wilson Starter Tennis Balls. These balls are all good for beginners.

I wish you so sunny and satisfied tennis games as possible with your tennis team.

Have a great, sporty summer with fresh air and good tennis.

This post is updated 27.12.2020

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